Hi. My name is Darren Mothersele (Daz for short).

I'm a creative geek.

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My values:

empowerment over dependency

This is why I love open source and Drupal. Proprietary systems and data formats create lock-in where vendors build their business models around selling you licenses to access your own systems and data. I believe in building business models based on providing value.

This is also why I love to provide training and help get the best out of people. I believe excellent outcomes are produced by people who have opportunities each day to do what they do well.

collaboration over competition

Another reason why I love open source. We are smarter than me. Instead of fighting for a bigger slice of pie, together we build a bigger pie.

creativity over consumerism

I'm fascinated by ideas.

I strongly believe you should create more than you consume. I want to live in a world where more people are creators than consumers.

What drives me:

helping others more fully experience their lives

finding new and creative ways to accomplish a goal

engaging with people who are curious, smart, or wise

My philosophy is:

Be grateful. Be creative. Be true to yourself, and respect the truths of others. Have fun.

This is what I work on every day:

Drupal Association Member

"Darren *really* knows his onions" Lead Dev, MTV

"Darren knows his stuff + great trainer" CTO, Blue Spark Labs

Training and Mentoring for Drupal Developers

Ideation Networks

Specialist in maintainable and scalable website development and security issues.

Consultancy for Drupal agencies, large Drupal deployments and flagship Drupal websites since 2007.

Cyril Live Coding Logo

Live coding visuals and visualisations.

Open-source live coding environment, real-time language compiler, and Open-GL 3D run-time system.

Inventor of Cyril Live Coding Programming Language

Glow Stick Crisp Packet

An open-source arts collective with the mission to encourage and spread creativity, and encourage creative collaboration.

My experience:

I've had the privilege of working on projects for clients such as Paul McCartney, MTV, Victoria & Albert Museum, Elsevier, Dixons, Santander, and consulted on EU-funded research projects P2P Next and Saracen.

2014 - I launched successful "Everything I know about Drupal" training courses.

2013 - I released open-source programming language, Cyril, for live coding of 3D visuals.

2007 - I became full-time freelance Drupal developer and founded Ideation Networks.

2005 - Co-founder of successful b2b digital music startup, Uploader.

2004 - I joined the New Media Commitee at the Association for Independent Music advising the trade association on the rapidly developing digital music markets.

2004 - I became head of digital for independent record label Cooking Vinyl.

2003 - I worked professionally as a DJ and my remixes featured on MTV, QTV, and XFM

2001 - I devised and delivered a training course in commercial web development at the adult education centre in Sheffield.

2000 - I graduated uni with 1st class degree in computer science and was awarded the Sir Douglas Lewin Memorial Prize for computer science.

1995 - My first paid gig building a basic company website :)

I occasionally write about stuff I'm interested in:

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Connect with me:

Email me darren at darrenmothersele dot com. If you put websitefb in the subject line it should get past my spam filter.

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.